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Fluoride is a natural mineral compound that has been used for decades to strengthen teeth and bones. Fluoride is a cheap and efficient mineral that saves people billions of dollars every year on the cost of dental visits.

Bacteria constantly forms on the inside of the mouth. Over time, these bacteria can gradually erode away the enamel (the outer layer) of the tooth. Once this layer is eroded, bacteria attack the soft core of the tooth, causing cavities or other serious damage to teeth and gums.


Fluoride combats this process by strengthening the enamel and helping to remineralize the tooth's surface. Once ingested into the body, fluoride travels through the blood supply, where it makes its way into the bones and teeth.


Fluoride is easily absorbed into the teeth thanks to their porous outer surface. Although can be ingested primarily through the public water supply, fluoride also comes in the form of liquid gel or varnish that can be prescribed by the dentist. The fluoridation procedure that we carry out in our practice could induce the enamel remineralisation up to 50%.