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Dear Patient

During these difficult times, we hope you and your beloved ones are well and continuing to stay safe.

It has been very difficult for us not to be able to offer you our services however the situation was out of our hands and our patients safety is always a priority to us. While we have been closed, we kept our social media active to be in touch with our patients but also Dr Nia was always available to give advice and triage prescription care if needed.

During lockdown, while we were not allowed to see patients as per BDA’s advice, we were taking the time to prepare our surgery to open again with the right precautions for your own safety during this pandemic. We are now in position to be able to welcome you back to our practice.

We always put our heart in what we do and our patients and staff’s health is the most important thing to us. We now have the highest specification of PPE, FFP3 Masks, FFP2 Masks, surgical gowns, hats, face shields, aprons and foot covers for all of us.

We have bought an external suction system and air purification systems although especially the garden surgery has brilliant air circulation and ventilation and this is why we will carry most of aerosol procedures there.

Between all appointments the dental team will thoroughly disinfect the dental surgeries, reducing the risk of patient exposure to anything harmful while they are in the chair. Our disinfectant of choice is “Salvesan" disinfectant, proven to kill Covid-19. Also, we are going above and beyond standard recommended protocol, by using air-purifiers to filter the air between appointments, apart from the exceptional ventilation that our surgery that we will mainly carry the aerosol procedures has. We are so fully covered with PPE however we will make sure you recognise who we are and we want to reassure you that it will always be Dr Nia under the PPE that will be treating you.

The whole team has completed extensive training in the latest infection control protocols issued by the government which we have applied in our daily work routine.

We will call you 24 hrs before your appointment to go through a few questions as part of the risk assessment that we have to do. We try to run the practice totally paperless so receipts and invoices will be sent you on by email. It is very important that you update us with your contact details, telephone numbers and email addresses.

The practice will operate in two parts. There will be patients entering the back door and others the front door, in order to achieve clear separation between the surgeries and avoid any cross meeting between the patients of these two surgeries. Patients that are invited to have an appointment in the back surgery(garden surgery) will enter the surgery through the garden door on the right as you facing the practice. The patients that will be booked to have treatment at the front surgery will be entering through the main usual entrance. We have also allowed plenty of time between appointments for each surgery to be ventilated, cleaned and disinfected. Of course this also has an impact on us on the amount of patients we can see daily especially using such heavy PPE that impacts on our breathing.

Our aim is to operate without using a waiting room area or toilet so we need to make sure that you arrive on time and not earlier. Only one person, the patient that has the appointment can enter the premises without companion. If the patient is under 18 can be accompanied by one parent only. If there is any waiting time you will be able to use the back garden for the garden surgery and the main usual waiting area for the front surgery but only one patient at the time is allowed in the inside waiting are and social distancing is necessary to be kept.

When you arrive at our practice please don’t ring the bell, instead please give us a call and we shall welcome you into the building and guide you accordingly. If you are in a car we may ask you to wait in your car until we are ready to see you. Ideally we will ask you to wear a mask if possible or cover your nose and mouth with a scarf.

We will ask you to wait at the entrance of the building and we will take your temperature with a non touch thermometer. If your temperature is higher than 37.8’c we won’t be able to enter the practice and we will rearrange your treatment appointment over the phone.

While you enter our premises, we will ask you not to touch anything or any door handles as a member of our team will do all this. We will spray your hands with antiseptic solution and we shall give you a pair of foot covers to wear and a snap bag to be able to place the mask or scarf you may be wearing and guide you into the surgery.

Please do make sure you don’t carry many belongings with you, such as bags or shopping. If you have any belongings or jackets we shall ask you to leave them outside the surgery in a transparent box which you will be able to watch from the surgery through our CCTV system.

Once you have entered the surgery, we will ask you to wash your hands in one of the surgery’s sinks and spray your hands again with an antiseptic solution. You will then be asked to take a seat on the dental chair and remove your mask then Dr Nia will begin your treatment.

When your treatment is finished, we shall ask you to wash your hands and wear your mask back on. At that point we shall arrange any further appointments with you if needed for further treatment.

Finally we will guide you to the exit and we will ask you to remove the foot covers and mask, add them in the disposal snap bag and the nurse will dispose it into the clinical bin.

At this point we would like to Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times, we are all looking forward in seeing you again.

Stay Safe, Thank you

Ringway Dental Team