4 Reasons to Seek Straighter Teeth

When it comes to your oral health and the aesthetic appeal of your overall smile, the alignment of your teeth plays a crucial role. Many people consider teeth straightening treatments solely for cosmetic reasons, but the benefits extend far beyond a more attractive smile.

We’re here to highlight the functional benefits to having your teeth straightened as well as the cosmetic advantages, as these can be equally (if not more) important! Here are four of the most common reasons our patients seek straighter teeth.

They are Easier to Clean

The challenges associated with having crooked or misaligned teeth aren’t just based on aesthetics. Crooked teeth naturally have more of those nooks and crannies for food particles to hide, and no matter how diligent you are with your oral hygiene, they can be impossible to reach. This leads to them becoming breeding grounds for bacteria, which eventually turns into plaque and even tartar.

Those with misaligned teeth may need to spend more money seeking professional dental hygiene services, and the cost of doing so can add up. They will also be more likely to need treatments further down the line, as plaque and tartar build up can contribute to gum disease. If your teeth are not straight, it’s worth considering whether you’ll actually be making a cost-effective investment by seeking orthodontic treatment.

They Improve Your Smile!

Society focuses a lot of judgement on our teeth, and a straight smile is often perceived to be a sign of health and success. Our smile is therefore one of the aspects of many UK adults’ appearance that they are most self-conscious about. Misaligned teeth can contribute to a lot of this lack of confidence, as straight teeth can look much more appealing. Misaligned teeth can also throw off the balance when it comes to matching up with our other facial features, altering your entire appearance more than you may realise.

So, having your teeth straightened can offer that boost in self-confidence you’ve been looking for! You’ll also be more likely to smile if you feel less nervous about your teeth, which comes with a range of other additional benefits that contribute to a ripple effect throughout your personal and professional life.

Smiling has been the subject of various psychological and neuroscientific studies, which suggest that the act of smiling can actually improve our mood and overall happiness. When you smile, you’re also more likely to get a smile in return. People may perceive you as more approachable or friendly. Smiling as a social interaction creates a feedback loop that contributes to a sense of happiness, whilst both ‘smilers’ benefit from a psychological uplift.

They Prevent Oral Health Problems

Oral Hygiene

As we discussed above, crooked teeth can be difficult to clean properly. This can heighten the chances of developing problems linked to inadequate oral care – even though certain areas can be impossible to clean with misaligned teeth.

Premature Tooth Loss

The additional pressure that misaligned teeth place on the gums and adjacent teeth can lead to a whole host of problems, such as gum disease and premature tooth loss. Straight teeth help alleviate this pressure, facilitating better gum health and reducing the likelihood of these severe complications.

Being Proactive About Straighter Teeth

Proactive orthodontic treatment, especially at younger ages, can make a significant difference in reducing the risk of more severe oral health issues in the future. Studies have identified the ‘golden age’ when it comes to getting braces, placing the ideal age group for maximum orthodontic treatment effectiveness as 12 – 16. Despite this, it’s also important to have younger children examined in case there are earlier issues that could become an issue further down the line. At Ringway Dental, we can offer children’s dentistry care from your child’s very first birthday.

Adult Orthodontic Care

The number of adults seeking orthodontic treatments is also on the up, as modern orthodontic options mean there are subtle ways to realign our smiles! While the jawbone has ceased growing once we reach adulthood, orthodontic treatments are still effective – they may just take longer.

They Can Help with Your Bite

A misaligned bite is more than just an inconvenience; it can have long-term repercussions for your health. Issues with bite alignment make it difficult to chew food properly, which in turn can result in headaches, jaw pain, and even digestive issues.

TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular disorder, can be one of the more painful complications caused by a misaligned bite. This is where the hinge-like joints that control movement in your jawbone become strained or inflamed. They can even become misaligned themselves as the temporomandibular joints attempt to compensate for your crooked bite. You may be more likely to suffer from TMJ issues if your misaligned bite causes uneven wear and tear on the teeth. The symptoms or TMJ disorders are unpleasant, and can include earaches, headaches, and an inability to open or close the mouth.

By straightening your teeth, you can achieve a more balanced bite, leading to improved chewing and speaking abilities. A well-aligned bite also relieves stress on your jaw muscles and joints, providing a more comfortable and functional oral structure. This can help you avoid longer-term issues such as TMJ disorders, too.

Straighter Smiles with Ringway Dental

At Ringway Dental in Cheadle, Manchester, we advocate for the functional benefits of straight teeth as much as the cosmetic ones! We are dedicated to providing our clients with only the best when it comes to cosmetic dental care, and the testimonials we receive as a result really do speak for themselves.

We offer a range of subtle options that can straighten your teeth, from Invisalign to ceramic fixed braces. Often referred to as the best private orthodontics in Manchester, we’re improving and straightening smiles on a daily basis.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you achieve straighter teeth, book a consultation with us today. Contact our practice on 0161 437 2029, or get in touch with us online.

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