How to Choose a Reputable Invisalign Provider

Invisalign is a reputable orthodontic brand that provides clear, subtle teeth aligners. Invisalign trays can help with many orthodontic issues, by physically moving teeth from their ‘natural’ position in the mouth gradually, over time.

In many ways, they work the same as traditional braces. By slowly forcing teeth out of their original position over an extended period of time, Invisalign aligners modify the positioning and the shape of the teeth, whilst maintaining the integrity of the gums. Your Invisalign dentist will support you throughout your treatment, monitoring the progress of your realignment and adjusting your Invisalign plan as necessary.

Many patients come to us seeking a reputable Invisalign provider. There are plenty of things you can do to help you find the best dental surgery for your Invisalign treatment. We’d recommend looking for a reputable provider with good reviews; one that focuses on cosmetic treatments and can monitor your progress effectively. Sometimes, the dentist you choose often comes down to personal preferences too! 

Opting for Invisalign treatment can be a big decision. You will likely want to invest in a personable Invisalign dentist in a friendly, welcoming environment that makes you feel comfortable. In this guide, we will explain what to look out for when choosing a reputable Invisalign provider.

What Can Invisalign Help with?

First of all, you’re likely wondering whether Invisalign is the ideal treatment for you to start with. Invisalign is an innovative and non-invasive procedure that can be used to straighten your teeth, and can even help to fix an uneven or misaligned bite. The duration of Invisalign treatments can vary, though this depends on the original state of your teeth and the goals you’re looking to achieve.

Once complete, this straightening treatment can also potentially improve gum health. Invisalign treatments are renowned for being effective yet subtle ways to re-align the teeth and achieve a straighter smile.

Many will opt for traditional braces in the first instance, though they are often wary of the aesthetic impact classic braces have on their appearance. Many dental surgeries therefore now focus on more modern types of braces that can be virtually invisible to the eye.

About the Invisalign Brand

Invisalign is a well-established brand, with millions of previous customers – and the experience to match. They even offer a personalised app, which can help you manage and track your entire alignment process.

The app helps with scheduling cleaning appointments, organising replacements, and time-requirements for general wear throughout the treatment.

For more information regarding how your day-to-day Invisalign process may work, you can visit their website.

Is Invisalign Better than Traditional Braces?

Invisalign is not for everyone. During your consultation with your Invisalign provider, they will help you identify the exact orthodontic treatment that will allow you to achieve the closest results to what you are looking for. Here are a few of the advantages of Invisalign over traditional braces:

  • Invisalign are removable, allowing easier cleaning of both your aligners, and your teeth.
  • Painful adjustments are not required, and you can replace an entire aligner within the same appointment.
  • Invisalign braces are remarkably less noticeable and unsightly than classic braces.
  • They are considered much more comfortable to wear.
  • Invisalign is more commonly used for minor adjustments.

Invisalign has gained more popularity in the UK since the pandemic, as it does not require visiting the dental surgery for constant adjustments like other braces. The cost of Invisalign is similar to that of traditional metal braces, though may sometimes be more expensive. In many cases, the higher cost of Invisalign braces is mitigated by the ‘invisible’ aspect – as well as the extra personal confidence that comes from a more natural looking smile!

Looking for Expertise

To find out about an Invisalign Provider’s expertise, the easiest way would be to check their website. Here, they should showcase their qualifications, their experience, and the processes their treatments involve. Dental surgery websites can also largely indicate the professionalism they bring to their work. Reputable Invisalign providers understand that first impressions are important – just the same as when it comes to people’s smiles.

Things to Consider when Finding an Invisalign Provider

  • How long has the provider been doing Invisalign treatments?
  • Does the provider specialise in cosmetics or alignments?
  • How long has the business itself been open?
  • How long have the dentists been qualified for such treatments?

If the provider has experience with Invisalign, then of course they will be a better choice, simply reducing the human error that your individual orthodontist might create.

If the Invisalign provider specialises in cosmetic alterations, then they will likely be a naturally better choice for a treatment that will alter the look of your teeth.

The length of time the surgery has been open also indicates the reliability of the provider, and their capability to maintain good business, which indicates returning customers.

Your personal dentist’s professional qualifications will indicate their capability in their field, and therefore give you some information regarding their skill. Take a look at some of their team’s specialisms and consider whether they’d be a good fit for your Invisalign treatment.

Have Your Invisalign Consultation

Having an in-person or online consultation will quickly get you the required information you need regarding whether to begin your Invisalign journey. This will also help you decide which dental surgery is the best Invisalign provider for you. Make sure your dentist answers any concerns you have before you get started, and make sure the outcome you want is one they are willing to help you to achieve.

During your Invisalign consultation, you should ask questions that cover any issues or concerns you have. We are frequently asked questions such as:

  • Cost – how much is the Invisalign treatment?
  • Is the treatment covered by any insurance you may have?
  • What can you eat after Invisalign treatments? When can you eat?
  • How long will your Invisalign treatment take?
  • What is the scope of required aftercare?
  • Are the costs of any required aftercare included in your quote?
  • Would Invisalign pose any risks to your teeth and gums?
  • Would Invisalign risk your health otherwise (e.g. headaches)?

You can read our Invisalign FAQ for more information before you book your consultation with us.

Read the Reviews!

Another good way to find out who is the best Invisalign Provider is to check their reviews. If you are truly invested in the idea, have a look at some of the testimonials on Invisalign providers’ websites. These often offer a visual glimpse into just how effective Invisalign treatments can be, with before and after photos!

Don’t rely solely on the Invisalign provider’s own statements. Check Google reviews, and check any review websites (e.g. TrustPilot) that offer honest reviews of the practice in question.

This is the best way to find out specific information on the Invisalign Providers you are looking at. Genuine reviews should help dispel any fears you might have about your desired dentist – and perhaps more importantly, reveal the ones you don’t want to go to. Since these external reviews are from actual customers, rather than the person trying to sell their services, they are more trustworthy and can help paint a better picture of what each potential Invisalign provider is like.

If you know any friends or acquaintances who have been for the treatment at these surgeries, ask them about their experience! Their recommendations as to whether this Invisalign provider would suit you personally will likely be more reliable.

Now that You’ve Thought About Invisalign…

Finding out whether Invisalign would truly suit you and your goals is the first and foremost step. Once you’ve made your decision to get Invisalign treatment, you can now invest time into looking for your ideal Invisalign provider.

Realistically, you may also be worried about the costs involved with Invisalign treatment, too. With Ringway Dental in Cheadle, Manchester, we provide quality Invisalign treatments and plenty of other dental and cosmetic options with our 0% interest finance option.

Our Invisalign plans start at £1,700. On top of this, we also offer a free teeth whitening treatment (worth £295) for anyone undergoing Invisalign treatment with us. We want you to leave our practice with a smile!

To discover more about Ringway Dental and our Invisalign treatments, book your 20-minute free online video consultation with us today.

For more information, you can also read more elsewhere on the Ringway Dental website. You can fill out our online contact form if you’d like us to get in touch, or you can call us now on 0161 437 2029. We look forward to hearing from you!

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