Scared of the Dentist? Tips for Nervous Patients

According to a survey by the Oral Health Foundation, approximately 36% of the UK population has some level of dental anxiety – with 12% suffering from an extreme dental fear. At Ringway Dental, we’re well aware of the challenges dental anxiety can pose to maintaining optimal oral health.

It’s our mission to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible, and we’ve made our private dental surgery as welcoming as possible in order to facilitate this. This guide is specially tailored to help our more nervous patients, and aims to provide you with tips and strategies to make your next dental visit less daunting.

Know the Root of Your Fear

The first step in addressing your dental anxiety is pinpointing the specific things that may trigger it. These specific triggers could range from the sound of dental equipment to a fear of injections, or even pre-emptive concerns about pain. Understanding these triggers allows for a more targeted approach to managing your anxiety, as you can discuss these concerns with your dentist before your visit. Identifying the root cause will also give you a place to start when it comes to overcoming your fear.

Open Communication with Your Dentist

Don’t hesitate to discuss your anxieties and concerns with your dentist. We welcome patients with anxiety surrounding dental treatments each day, so your nerves are nothing to shy away from. Being open and upfront about the fact you’re nervous can help us to help you from the get-go. At Ringway Dental, each member of our approachable and friendly team is trained to tailor your experience to your specific needs. We always do our best to ensure our patients can enjoy a more comfortable and stress-free visit!

Ask About Sedation Options

If you are very worried about the pain or even the treatment itself, we can help. There are several sedation options available, including local anaesthetic, that can make your experience virtually pain-free. Speak with your dentist about which sedation option might be best for you.

Do note that after a sedative treatment, you will need someone to help you get home. This is because for the 24 hours following sedation, you may feel tired or drowsy. You should avoid certain activities including driving, drinking alcohol, operating machinery or signing important documents.

Visit the Clinic Before Your Appointment

Familiarity breeds comfort. Consider taking a quick tour of Ringway Dental before your initial consultation if this would help make you feel more comfortable. Meeting staff and seeing our relaxing environment for yourself can make the actual appointment far less intimidating. We are always happy to accommodate for those who wish to take a quick look around before going ahead with their appointment – just get in touch.

Consider Bringing Someone for Support

If you find that you’re still anxious despite having considered the above tips, it might help to bring along a trusted friend or family member. Sometimes, just having someone you know in the room can make all the difference. If you do end up feeling overwhelmed in your appointment or during treatment, a trusted friend that knows you well can even help to communicate what we can do to help you.

Utilise Relaxation Techniques & Distraction Methods

Deep breathing exercises or guided imagery can be highly effective relaxation methods. Try practicing these techniques in the waiting room to help ease your mind before the procedure. Distraction can be a great way to divert your mind from anxiety. Feel free to bring along headphones to listen to music, a podcast, or even an audiobook during the procedure.

Schedule Your Appointment Strategically

If you are nervous about your dental treatment or procedure, it can help to book your appointment for a time when you’re less likely to be rushed or stressed. There is nothing worse than spending a distracted day at work worrying about an upcoming appointment, or having to rush to a consultation you are stressed about. Perhaps a weekend or a day off would work best for you – we are open for appointments on Saturdays!

Stay Informed and Take Control

Being knowledgeable about the procedure you’re going to undergo can remove the fear of the unknown, giving you a sense of control. At Ringway Dental, we make sure to keep you informed every step of the way, from your free online consultation to your very last follow-up. Our approachable team are always on hand to answer questions about your upcoming treatment, as well as to advise you about the best possible plan for you moving forward.

Reward Yourself

After a visit you are worried about, consider treating yourself to something enjoyable. Whether it’s a favourite activity or an episode of a TV show you love, you deserve a reward for conquering your fear! Although we don’t often think of it as being such, a trip to the dentist for certain treatments can be a reward in itself.

Post-Visit: Reflect and Adapt

Take some time to think about which strategies helped you with your dental anxiety, and what didn’t help so much. Your experiences can guide you in making future visits even more manageable.

Finding the Right Dental Clinic

Choosing the right clinic can make all the difference when it comes to your experience overcoming dental anxiety. At Ringway Dental, the comfort and health of all our patients are our top priorities.

While dental anxiety is common, it’s also conquerable. With the right strategies and support, you can overcome your fears and prioritise your oral health. At Ringway Dental, we are here to support you with every step.

How Ringway Dental Can Help You Overcome Dental Anxiety

Don’t let fear keep you from maintaining a healthy smile! At Ringway Dental, we’re not just about healthy teeth; we’re about happy patients. Our team is well-equipped and trained to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for all patients. With plenty of experience in supporting nervous patients, we are well-versed in techniques that alleviate dental anxiety.

If you feel ready to conquer your dental fears, contact our team at Ringway Dental today on 0161 437 2029. We’ll do our best to discover how we can make your dental experience a positive one!

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