The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental treatment, with a variety of enticing options available. While we know the prevalence of teeth whitening has grown over recent years, what are the benefits?

Teeth whitening involves brightening up the teeth using professional dental products and tools, and can be done both at the dental surgery and at home. It’s a highly safe, non-invasive and even cost effective treatment if you’re looking to transform and uplift your smile. Left wondering ‘is teeth whitening worth it?’ With the added bonus of improving your confidence and appearance, teeth whitening can be well worth the trip to the dentist.

To learn more about teeth whitening and what it can do for you, keep reading. Here’s our comprehensive guide to the benefits of teeth whitening!

Boost Your Confidence

Our teeth are among the first things people notice about us. As well as this, the appearance of our teeth can also subconsciously signify ideas about our social status and overall health! While these presumptions are often unfounded and our teeth do not necessarily say much about our status – our teeth can impact the level of confidence we have surrounding our own appearance.

In an age of social media and bright white smiles, teeth whitening procedures have come to symbolise good oral health and self-care habits. In many ways, brighter teeth are healthier. Of the many dental issues we can experience, a disproportionate amount of them can cause discoloured or stained teeth.

Problems such as gingivitis, smoking addictions and tooth decay are all linked to our dental health, and can cause discolouration and stained teeth. From this perspective, having your teeth whitened can help improve your oral health.

Improved Oral Health

As mentioned above, there are an array of dental health concerns that do cause discoloured and stained teeth. Having your teeth whitened can help remove such areas of discolouration, targeting those dark spots that can cause oral health problems further down the line.

When you go to have your teeth whitened, it’s also common to have them thoroughly cleaned. Maintaining a regular tooth whitening routine at your dentist can therefore improve overall oral health and cleanliness. Having your teeth cleaned and polished helps you stay on top of your dental hygiene, removing much of the built-up bacteria and plaque that cannot be dealt with at home. Good dental hygiene is key to improving your long-term oral health – while you have whiter, brighter teeth, you’re also more inclined to stay on top of those oral care routines!


The fact teeth whitening can be done at home speaks volumes for just how non-invasive this popular treatment is. In fact, it’s the least invasive of all cosmetic dental treatments available. This means the treatment does not involve having anything done to the teeth that causes pain. While you may feel some minor sensitivity afterwards, all teeth whitening treatments work to contain whitening activity to the surface of the teeth.

Other cosmetic treatments can be much more invasive. Take porcelain veneers, for example – which some patients with misaligned teeth do opt for as a straightening, teeth whitening alternative. They involve filing down the surface of the teeth so the veneer materials can be accurately and securely fitted to the teeth, causing discomfort.

Although teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure, it’s best carried out (or advised) by a dental professional. If you have extremely sensitive or worn down teeth, teeth whitening may not be the most effective treatment for you. It’s always best to discuss your options with your dentist, and not to fall for any online tooth whitening products making grandiose claims. Your dentist can provide you with the most trustworthy advice when it comes to achieving sparklingly bright teeth!

Cost Effective

Teeth whitening treatments are highly cost effective. Many cosmetic dental treatments can rack up fees up to tens of thousands of pounds. Teeth whitening, on the other hand, is available from just £250.

The treatment you opt for is up to you, of course. As always, your dentist can help identify which option would be most suited to the condition of your teeth – while also taking into account any specific aesthetic goals you have in mind.

Your Teeth Whitening Options

At Ringway Dental, we tailor each cosmetic procedure specifically to our patients. We know the importance of oral health and hygiene, and so we work closely with our clients to identify the bespoke whitening options that will work best for them (and their smiles). We have an impressive range of teeth whitening options available, starting at just £250.

The treatment you go for will depend on a number of factors, and our cosmetic dentists can work with you to select the most effective option. Here’s what we offer at Ringway Dental:


Our Boutique teeth whitening option is for those looking to brighten up teeth in the comfort of their own home. This provides you with an at-home kit to use, featuring professional whitening trays and gels. Don’t let the idea that it’s done at home fool you into thinking it’s any less effective! Our Boutique whitening treatment offers impressive before and after comparisons, and is the most cost effective option.


Our Zoom in-surgery whitening procedures are very popular, offering in-person care within our luxurious Cheadle dental surgery. Treat yourself! Feel pampered and ready to smile with this highly acclaimed teeth whitening treatment.


Our premium Enlighten treatment combines the best of both worlds, with a carefully coordinated combination of at-home and in-surgery whitening sessions.

If you’d like to discuss your teeth whitening options in more depth with us, call our team on 0161 437 2029. You can also ask any questions you have by getting in touch with us online. We can’t wait to help you achieve a brighter, more confident smile.

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