Turkey Teeth: Should you go abroad for a better smile?

As patients try to save money on their dental makeovers, the biggest trend we’ve come across this year is ‘Turkey Teeth’. This is where patients head abroad for their smile makeovers, with the promise of cheaper dental procedures and a holiday in one.

As a result, we have seen an influx of patients coming into our Manchester-based surgery. However, they’re not coming in to show off their holiday-built smiles… Instead, they’re looking to have their dodgy dental work fixed.

Here’s our guide to ‘Turkey Teeth’ – and whether heading abroad for the smile makeover of your dreams is worth it at all.

What are ‘Turkey Teeth’?

Turkey is one of the key destinations for celebrities and influencers alike to have their dental procedures done. Marketing all of this amidst their shiny lifestyles on Instagram and other social media platforms can make heading to the sun for your own treatment all the more tempting! Teeth done, and a package holiday – it does sound like an ideal combination. It’s not a trend we expect will last, however, as things certainly do go wrong.

While companies offering all-inclusive dental holiday packages may put on a good front and communicate great with their potential clients to begin with, this can all go downhill fairly quickly. Once they’ve secured your money and you’re on your way, they have little incentive to ensure your procedure goes swimmingly. After all, you’re not likely to return all the way abroad again to have the same procedure done twice; nor would you even expect that you’d have to have it re-done. However, the majority of cases we see with Turkey teeth do regret their decisions to have their work done abroad.

They’ll talk the talk and offer you everything under the sun to get you on that flight. When you’re there, you will most likely find yourself in a pristine-looking clinical environment. Everything seems normal and even exciting! That is, until the treatment is done and you’re left with an entirely different outcome to what you expected.

This may all be put down to being a marketing ploy; grabbing UK clients in with glitzy photos and Love Islanders promoting these package deals. You will receive a treatment, of course – but it may not be the one you signed up for.

What Can go Wrong?

There are countless risks associated with heading to top dental destinations, such as Turkey, to have your teeth done. As with any dental procedure, we would ultimately recommend it’s best to select a trusted dentist that you can put your faith in as they work to uplift your smile.

With dental work done abroad, it’s almost impossible to guarantee that you’ll end up with the results you were looking for. A shocking 86% of UK dentists report they have treated patients asking for remedial dental work following treatment overseas. Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong.

First of all, is the language barrier. You may find it’s been hard to communicate your wishes to the team, least of all to the dental professional themselves. It’s all too easy for them to nod and smile as though your dental goals are understood, putting you under false reassurance that they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Next, consider the risk of unpredictable outcomes. Some patients will undergo procedures abroad expecting the less-invasive treatments such as veneers. Once it’s done, however, they’ll find their wishes were completely overlooked and they’re now left with the more invasive crowns. These dental treatment companies can be very vague about their offerings, as a ploy to get you to sign up in the first instance so they can ‘refine’ the details later. The catch is, they often don’t.

Ongoing pain and increased risk of infection are also common. Remember that the more invasive dental treatments are actually surgical procedures. This increases the likelihood of infection in any situation; let alone in an unfamiliar country with less than meticulous dental teams. Having any such treatment in the UK can be daunting enough, so you should check you’re in good hands no matter the cost.

How to get a Smile Makeover Safely

Your best bet is to select a UK-based dentist local to where you live. We understand the temptation of a dental holiday! However, the risks just aren’t worth it. With an increasing number of patients coming to us to fix their unsightly or painful ‘Turkey teeth’, we’ve seen first-hand the lasting impact these ‘cheaper’ smile makeovers can cause.

Your local dentist may seem more expensive to begin with, especially in comparison to the compelling prices abroad. Despite this, remedial dental work is even more costly to deal with, and could put you thousands of pounds out of pocket. That’s not even counting the costs you spent on your ‘luxury’ dental departure. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

At Ringway Dental, we’re dedicated to providing both top quality dental care and cosmetic professionals you can really trust. In the UK, our dental practices are highly regulated through a number of systems and governing bodies. If cost is your main concern, there are alternative options. Take advantage of our 0% interest financing option, where you can split payments over the course of up to 36 months. If you do end up needing aftercare or follow-up appointments, you won’t need to jet off to Turkey to get them either!

To book an initial consultation with our cosmetic dental experts at Ringway Dental, call our team now on 0161 437 2029. You can also fill out our online contact form; or make an enquiry using our live chat feature. We look forward to uplifting your smile, the UK way.

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