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Why a Broken Tooth Needs to be Repaired

Even a minor broken tooth can be a source of significant discomfort and can impair the overall look of your smile in a drastic way. While some may overlook the urgency of addressing a broken tooth, it’s crucial that patients understand the importance of seeking professional care quickly.

A broken tooth can be extremely painful, limiting you from everyday activities. The sharp pain or ongoing discomfort can prevent you from enjoying food and communicating effectively. Delaying the repair of a broken tooth can lead to persistent, worsening discomfort and a range of other complications.

Pain Relief

The main reason many patients tend to repair a broken tooth quickly is to help alleviate the pain this unpleasant experience can cause. Adequate repair can immediately dispel any pain, covering any exposed nerves that may be contributing to your discomfort. There are a few reasons that broken teeth can cause so much agony in patients:

Nerve Exposure

Exposed nerves are the primary cause of such significant pain with tooth breakage. Breaking a tooth can be an agonising experience, as the various inner layers of our teeth can become exposed – depending on how deep the break is. The dentin and even more so, the pulp, are the highly sensitive soft tissue layers within the teeth that house nerve endings.


Although our bodies cleverly react to injuries, the resulting inflammation is not a pleasant sensation. Inflammation can increase the amount of pressure on nerves around the broken tooth, exacerbating any pain.

Risk of Infection

As with any injury that leaves us more exposed to infection, a broken tooth can be very painful. If you experience a throbbing pain, this may be a sign of infection that should be examined as soon as possible.

Irritation to Gums

Broken teeth can irritate the gums and mouth, as you may be left with sharp edges that catch easily. This can further contribute to the risk of infection and any subsequent inflammation.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have pre-existing dental conditions, breaking a tooth can become even more painful as these conditions can become aggravated.

Everyday Activities Become Painful

When a tooth break is so deep as to expose the nerves, everyday tasks such as eating, drinking, and even breathing in can become painful. When a tooth breaks, it can have an unexpected impact on the distribution of pressure when you bite – leaving you unable to eat certain foods, or speak properly, too.

A trustworthy dental professional will guide you in choosing the right treatment approach, which may include dental fillings, crowns, or, in severe cases, root canal therapy.

Restoring Proper Function

Repairing a broken tooth is a transformative process that goes beyond cosmetic enhancement; it’s about restoring the tooth’s structural integrity and full functionality.

Oral Hygiene

A fractured or chipped tooth can create crevices where food particles can become trapped, making it a breeding ground for bacteria and plaque. Fast repair can alleviate these issues with hard-to-reach areas. This keep your teeth healthy and also reduces the risk of developing further issues like cavities and gum disease.

Balancing Your Bite

Disrupting the alignment of your bite, a broken tooth can cause discomfort in other areas of the mouth – such as around the jaw. It can even lead to TMJ. Having the broken tooth repaired will help realign your bite, so you maintain an even distribution of pressure.

Ability to Eat and Speak

A full, healthy smile is not just aesthetically pleasing but also contributes to efficient speaking and eating capabilities.

Preventing Further Damage

When a tooth is broken, the inner layers, often protected by enamel, become exposed and are more susceptible to infection and decay. This can lead to significant damage and a risk of sepsis, should the infection spread.

As mentioned earlier, the jagged or sharp edges of a broken tooth can also lead to trauma within the oral cavity. This can cause sores, ulcers, and even injuries to the tongue and cheeks.

A broken tooth may also result in additional pressure or friction being applied in other areas in the mouth. This can contribute to breakage or wear of other teeth. By having the broken tooth repaired quickly, you can significantly reduce the risk of subsequent oral health complications.

Restoring the Natural Look of Your Teeth

The aesthetic impact of a broken tooth can be quite distressing, especially if the break is in a highly visible area or near the front of the mouth. Any immediate visual irregularity can diminish your confidence, and it can be jarring to look in the mirror to find you have broken a tooth. Repairing the broken tooth promptly not only restores its shape and functionality, but also enhances the overall appearance of your smile!

The Importance of Timely Repair

The long-term implications of an unrepaired broken tooth can be far-reaching and detrimental. From the development of infection and abscesses to the increased risk of gum disease, the range of associated complications can be extensive.

Seeking immediate intervention via a dental professional can facilitate the implementation of a tailored treatment plan. A treatment plan will be carefully outlined by your dentist to help address your specific needs, helping you maintain optimal oral health and even your wider well-being. At Ringway Dental in Cheadle, our Emergency Dentists can provide the immediate help you need after a broken tooth.

Proactive Measures and Regular Check-ups

In addition to seeking immediate repair for a broken tooth, it’s important that patients also adopt a proactive approach when it comes to dental health. Stick to a regular oral hygiene routine, brushing and flossing twice a day. Regular dental check-ups also help with early detection and prevention of dental ailments that may eventually lead to weakened teeth that are more susceptible to breaking.

How Ringway Dental Can Help Repair a Broken Tooth

Understanding the importance of repairing a broken tooth can save you from prolonged discomfort and potential health risks. At Ringway Dental, we are passionate about informing our patients of proper dental care and the treatments available to them, should something go wrong. At the end of the day, prioritising your dental and oral health can be an investment in enhancing your overall well-being and happiness.

If you’d like us to take a look at your broken tooth, book a consultation now on 0161 437 2029. You can also get in touch via our online contact form.

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