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Can I Glue a Chipped Tooth Back Together?

Chipped teeth are not unusual, as a range of everyday activities can unfortunately lead to minor breakage.

If you have chipped your tooth, you might be tempted to see if you can fix it yourself at home. Many people will resort to using glue to repair a chipped tooth themselves. This seems like an easy DIY solution. Instead, it’s an easy way to cause further damage to your teeth and overall health. Gluing a chipped tooth back together is not recommended and you should always seek help from your dentist if you have chipped your tooth.

In this guide, we will explore advice on how to fix a chipped tooth, and why you shouldn’t glue a chipped tooth back together. There are also consequences to leaving a chipped tooth without getting care, so we will discuss the long-term impact of this too.

Why You Shouldn’t Glue Your Own Tooth

DIY dental work is never recommended! It can be risky and detrimental to your teeth, not to mention the unseen impact that non-biocompatible materials can have on your health. Here are a few of the risks involved with gluing your own chipped tooth:

  • Toxic Chemicals
    Many glues are made using toxic chemicals that can be absorbed by gum tissue even if you don’t ‘ingest’ the substance itself. Superglue is the most commonly used glue for DIY chipped tooth repairs. Using it in even the best of circumstances (outside the body) can be dangerous.

  • Damage to Your Teeth
    Using glue to repair chipped teeth may result in damage to the structure of your teeth. This depends on the type of glue used and the substances it contains, however, you never know how your teeth will react to any shop-bought glue.

  • Infection
    When it comes into contact with natural living tissue like your gums, glue can cause inflammation. If left without proper dental care, this inflammation can spread and cause gingivitis, a form of gum disease. While you may think supergluing has fixed the issue, there may be unseen issues going on beneath the surface that will need more extensive – and expensive – treatment down the line. Gum disease can eventually cause enough damage that you may need root canal treatment.

  • Repair Mistakes
    Unless you’re a professional dentist, you’re going to make mistakes with any DIY dental repair. You will have already made the first mistake in choosing to glue your tooth back on at home! You then have to navigate the tricky task of placing the chipped part exactly where it belongs, without damaging the surrounding teeth or gums. It’s best to leave dental work to the dentists.

  • Future Issues
    If you glue a chipped tooth back on and seek dental treatment in the future, your dentist may find it more difficult to repair the tooth. They will have to dissolve or file away any remaining glue before being able to repair the chip properly. This can also lead to more costly treatment.

Using glue to repair a chipped tooth is not a lasting solution. Many glues are water soluble, meaning the bonding agents will quickly break down as your mouth creates saliva. Those that do bond with the teeth can lead to lasting issues, such as infection or fractures that cause further breakage.

What to do About a Chipped Tooth

If you have a chipped tooth, get in touch with your dentist immediately. They will examine the damage to the tooth before identifying the best treatment. In the meantime, keep the chipped part of your tooth in a container of milk.

  • Composite Bonding can fix chipped teeth using a composite resin material. This is expertly applied and shaped to fill the chip.
  • Crowns are tooth shaped covers designed to restore more significant chips.
  • Veneers may be recommended if you have multiple uneven teeth or chips.

What if You Don’t Seek Broken Tooth Repair?

If you don’t receive professional dental treatment after a tooth breaks, this can cause a range of further issues:

  • Infections
    While gluing a chipped tooth back on can cause infection, leaving a damaged tooth without any kind of repair can also lead to infections. Our teeth and gums are made of many inner layers, which chipped teeth can expose. This can lead to infections as bacteria can enter the area.

  • Structural Damage
    Having a chipped tooth may be a sign of other problems with your dental health, such as having weak teeth. Ignoring this and trying to fix it at home doesn’t cover up the problem. You may end up with further breakage due to the underlying problem if it isn’t checked out by a dentist.

  • Problems with Eating, Drinking or Speaking
    While it may seem like a minor issue, especially if a chip happens towards the back of the mouth, any chipped tooth can be problematic. Chipped teeth can cause misalignment, pain, infection, and other concerns that need to be examined by a dental professional. These problems can substantially affect your ability to eat and speak properly.

  • Cosmetic Concerns
    If you break a tooth towards the front of the mouth, this may cause personal discomfort and a lack of confidence. While many wouldn’t spot minor chips until you point them out, having a noticeably broken tooth can have a significant impact on your self-esteem.

  • Lasting Pain
    Any part of a tooth that breaks off and exposes a nerve will cause pain that won’t be resolved until the tooth is properly fixed.

Fix a Chipped Tooth with Ringway Dental

At Ringway Dental, we offer professional dental solutions specifically designed to fix chipped teeth. Our experienced team will evaluate the damage and discuss options with you in detail. These may include composite bonding, crowns, or veneers. If you’re worried about the cost, we offer dental care financing options where you can split payments over the course of 3 years.

To get in touch with us and book an appointment, call 0161 437 2029.

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