What Is A Deep Bite And How Do You Fix It?

What Is A ‘Deep Bite’ In Orthodontics?

You may have visited a dentist due to issues with crooked or crowded teeth. Perhaps you’ve even heard your dentist use the term ‘deep bite’ but aren’t quite sure what it means or how it can be fixed. Luckily, our team of experienced dentists at Ringway Dental are able to provide you with all the information you need to proceed with treatment for your deep bite. This blog should answer all of your questions about what a deep bite in orthodontics actually is and how it can be fixed.

A deep bite is a type of malocclusion. You may have even heard it referred to as an ‘overbite’ or a ‘closed bite.’ This essentially means a misalignment in which your upper front teeth excessively overlap the bottom front teeth when you close your jaw. This could result in pain, other underlying issues that need to be addressed, or leave the patient wishing to seek cosmetic treatment as they are no longer confident in their appearance

What Causes A Deep Bite?

Deep bites are mostly caused by a small lower jaw which then causes severe overlap. This can result in the bottom teeth shifting out of place and becoming crooked or misaligned. If back teeth are missing due to decay and trauma, this can also lead to a deep bite. Other things that can make a deep bite worse include grinding your teeth or sucking your thumb. Genetics can also make you more vulnerable to developing a deep bite, along with a jaw injury.

What Issues Can A Deep Bite Cause?

When the top and bottom teeth don’t close together correctly, it can create crowding and alignment issues. The front teeth can also wear down quicker when they are over-erupted in a deep bite. The appearance issues can lead to a patient feeling insecure in their smile and their confidence completely knocked. Although it is valid to wish to treat a deep bite for aesthetic purposes, there are other complications that can arise from an untreated deep bite, such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). TMJ is where the joints become sore due to the pressure of the deep bite putting them in an unnatural position.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Deep Bite

Complications from ignoring a deep bite include the following:

  • Tooth loss or worn down teeth that require dental intervention
  • Gum recession 
  • Sores and ulcers as the lower teeth may scrape your mouth
  • Struggling to eat or drink due to the pain from sores and ulcers

How To Fix A Deep Bite

Here at Ringway Dental, our team of experienced dentists will sit down and discuss the best treatment options to fix your deep bite during your consultation. Here are just some of the deep bite treatment options they may discuss with you.

Your dentist may suggest repairing your back teeth, if the cause of your deep bite is due to missing or worn down back teeth. This could mean adding crowns or implants to improve the alignment of your teeth.

Braces are just one of the things that your dentist may suggest to correct your deep bite. This could be a slower treatment process as to fix your deep bite you may have to wear braces, retainers or clear aligners (like Invisalign) over the course of a year or so. Traditional braces or clear aligners can help to move crooked teeth into their desired position.

Surgery may also be suggested in more severe cases where the patient is in a lot of discomfort or in more complicated cases where the bone may need to be moved back into place.

Both types of veneers will not only transform your smile, but your confidence too. They will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of and you’ll feel proud to wear it. 

Choose Ringway Dental Today

If you’re looking for a reliable dentist to take care of your deep bite or any other alignment issues, Ringway Dental is here to help. A deep bite is a common dental condition that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about. Whether you are in pain from your deep bite or want it fixed for cosmetic reasons, book a consultation with us today. You can also read more about our orthodontic treatments here.

Our team will be able to help you decide which treatment is best for your deep bite. Call us now on 0161 437 2029. We look forward to hearing from you.

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